Mel Ross

Nov 6, 2020

2 min read

Week Notes #1

This is new to me, it’s an experiment, I’m going to see where it leads…

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

What I learnt

  • Recognised the power and value of coaching and mentoring in the big digital transformation game and what that means for our business and the customers we serve
  • After balancing my inner and outer leadership focus now since the beginning of COVID, I’m starting to see a remarkable shift in my energy levels and ability to do more in less time. So much so, this week I felt a bit lost in the afternoons because I had achieved much of what I set out to do — so I’ve got more to do and time to do it next week! Excellent
  • I’ve uncovered the fact that I have limiting beliefs. They have been holding me back. I’ve never realised this or investigated it before — but the inner leadership work has opened it out
  • I’d be an idiot if I said the second lockdown here in the UK hasn’t affected me — however, I’m going to use the time for exciting things to learn and create, do and deliver for our customers and for myself and family.
  • I learnt even more than I first imagined that it’s the corporations that drive so much of our society and world — so if we can do our bit to help the leaders of those corporations to be the best leader they can be, we have purpose.
  • I learnt that wisdom can come from anywhere — it’s not predicated on experience or age or knowledge. I had a very young aspiring leader share such amazing insights and wisdom with me this week — I learnt more in 10 minutes chatting to her about how to be a better leader than in the last few books and 20 min morning knowledge habit I’ve been sponging these last few months!

Next week?

  • I’m going to begin my quest to search and help coaches and mentors who work with businesses and leaders to connect their amazing work with digital transformation more.
  • I have ideas, I have thoughts, but all too often I think about how others will see me as a result — I’m going to start to focus more on sharing what I believe, because I believe and not because it’s what others want to hear or think is right.
  • We’ve got some super exciting stuff happening at work, so my focus is going to be on that in terms of technology, marketing and sales!